Fixing the Roof


Building YOUR Business

On The Job Marketing was created following the lockdown in 2020, when Daniel FitzHenry realised that huge numbers of tradespeople were doing fantastic work, but many of them were using personal email addresses (gmail/btinternet etc) for their business and had no way of showing off their skills to new potential customers.


The days of word of mouth referrals will never go away, but the world has changed. Nowadays, your potential customers look for products and services in one place more than any other; their mobile phone. You’ve probably been there yourself - searching for a restaurant, a builders merchant or even just looking for some new clothes; if you can’t find them online - you may not find them at all.

So we set out to make a change - helping the nation’s hidden tradespeople take their business online, with simple but powerful, cost-effective websites.

We know that if you’re a one man band you probably aren’t looking to build the next facebook or amazon website, so we Keep It Simple: quality websites at low cost and zero hassle for you. 

Your potential customers are searching for people exactly like you - our Job is to make sure they find YOU.